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Our Services

    Full Design Services. Starting with a discussion about how you'd like to use your outdoor living spaces, we can design your vision to fit your aesthetic and lifestyle.
    Landscape design 
    Pavers, Irrigation
    Outdoor Kitchens
    Backyard Golf Courses
    and More!
    To see more of our creative designs please navigate to the home screen and click on your preferred service.

    We would love to chat! Call our office at 239-322-3827


    1 Year Warranty on all irrigation electronics. 

    1 Year Warranty on all pavers / retaining walls. 

    90 DAY  Warranty on all plant material  & SOD that is watered adequately,  nourished properly and maintained with pest control.. 

    All lighting fixtures have LIFETIME WARRANTY

    All light bulbs have a 5 year Warranty

    All Transformers have a 10 year Warranty

    Once job has been accepted &deposit paid there are no refunds or cancellations.

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